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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the role of technical support?

Technical support company supports computer software systems by diagnosing and troubleshooting common problems as well as finding solutions.

2 How exactly do I get technical support?

We cover almost all Internet-connected devices, including but not limited to: personal computers (PC, Mac), smartphones (Android and iOS), smart TVs, printers, routers, sound systems, gaming systems , home theater, Automation Systems, Digital Assistants, Drones, Electronics Hardware Part Replacement. Software support of a complex nature (if requested).Installation/repair of computer and peripherals HVAC Maintenance / Repair Refrigerator Maintenance/Repair Washing Machine and Microwave Maintenance/Repair etc.

3 Why is this not covered by my ISP?

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can usually help you if the problem is with Internet connectivity in the home. does not provide Internet access, but we can help support all connected devices in your home. We can help you with device connectivity, setup, and troubleshooting, or simply learn new features and functionality. you’ll receive premium support that allows you to sit back and watch while our experts do the work. You won’t have to spend time searching for answers online or bringing your device to a local technician.

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