The SUMPRODUCT function – what is it and how do use it?

The SUMPRODUCT Function – What Is It And How Do I Use It

Most Excel users have at least heard of the SUMPRODUCT function before, although some still don’t know exactly what it does or how to use it. To help you learn more about this handy tool, we put together a collection of SUMPRODUCT formula examples with descriptions and screenshots. You can refer to these examples when you want to see how to use the SUMPRODUCT function in your own spreadsheets or pivot tables, or maybe even give you an idea of where to start using it on your own! (Which you should definitely do if you haven’t tried this function yet.

What Is SUMPRODUCT Function ?

Excel’s SUMPRODUCT function returns a single value, calculated using multiple criteria. If you’re new to Excel, or if you’ve been using SUM to total numbers in your spreadsheet, here’s a look at one tool from Excel that can help with more complex number crunching.

Pros and Cons of the Excel SUMPRODUCT Formula

The Excel Sumproduct function is a great way to calculate the sum of products of a set of numbers.

The sum of products function calculates the sum of all products in its range. It is a great tool for calculating the total cost for an order, or determining how many employees are needed to complete a task based on how many hours it takes each employee.

The sumproduct function can be used as a replacement for other functions such as SUMIFS and COUNTIFS. The only downside to this function is that it cannot be used with text or logical values.

How To Use SUMPRODUCT In Excel

The examples below show you step-by-step how to use the SUMPRODUCT function in Excel. The SUMPRODUCT formula is used for summing values when all of them have a common dimension, with one item at a time that can be referenced from other cells (same data).

Example #

The SUMPRODUCT formula can be used to aggregate any measure from multiple rows. In our example, we will use it to get a total sales of products by total sales for all rows. To perform output, enter =SUMPRODUCT(B2:B4, C2:C4) in cell C5.

The SUMPRODUCT function

Tips for Accurately Calculating the Sum Product Formula with the SUMPRODUCT Function

Here are some tips on how to use the SUMProduct function in Excel.

The SUMProduct function is a formula that calculates the sum of the products of all the cells in a range. It is useful for calculating totals for large sets of numbers, such as sales or production volume. The SUMProduct function can be used only with numbers within a range of cells.

The SUMProduct function can be used to calculate totals for large sets of numbers, such as sales or production volume. The syntax is =SUMPRODUCT(range, range) where “range” refers to two or more columns that contain numeric data and “range” refers to two or more rows that contain numeric data.

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