Google Docs has released an email template that integrates with Gmail

Google Docs Email Template

As promised in February, Google Docs on the web will get a pretty cool template for composing messages with Gmail integration. Google’s @-menu and Smart Canvas applications have this feature.

These new templates will undoubtedly boost users’ productivity and efficiency when working with Google Docs. Let’s have a look at how the functionality works now. This post will go over all you need to know about the new email templates and Gmail integration.

How Will Work Google Docs email template for joint drafting?

By typing @email into (or selecting “Email draught” under “Meeting notes”), a template containing To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject lines will be loaded. Insert > Building Blocks > Email drafts are another way to get to it.

@[person name] is supported in the recipient fields, with their email address automatically filled in. After that, you just participate in the message body below, which allows for feedback and recommendations.

When you’re finished, hit the Gmail button in the top-left corner to transfer it to the Gmail compose pop-up, where everything (subject, to, cc, bcc, and body) will be “automatically generated depending on the email drafted in the document.”

Workspace’s Smart Canvas effort includes the @-menu as a key component. It allows for easy sharing/invitations as well as file links. It also serves as a formatting menu, enabling for the easy addition of lists, media, dates, headers, and page components (such as counts, header/footer, and watermarks) to documents.


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