How Get the Day From Date In Excel

How Get the Day From Date In Excel

If you are manipulating dates in Excel, you may want to know what day the date is (Monday, Tuesday, or any other day of the week).

This is especially useful in project plans where certain tasks may be performed (such as project meetings and sending progress reports), and project plans where you need to know the business days and weekends.

You can also use the TEXT formula to get the day from date in excel.

However, unlike the custom number format method above, the result of a text formula is a text string. This means that the result of a text formula cannot be used in a calculation as a number or date value.

I will show you how this method works.

How Get The Day From Date In Excel

Suppose I have a data set of dates as shown below and I want to name the days in column B.


Use the below formula in column B to get the required output.


The above formula will return you a full day name of a specific date in a specified cell.

How Get the Day From Date In Excel

All custom number formats described in the section above can also be used in text formulas. Make sure the format is enclosed in double-quotes (see formula above).

So here we learned simple methods you can use to convert date values today names in Excel.

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