About Us

Learn more about Mygeekshub.com This page contains an overview of what is Mygeekshub.com is. What is the purpose behind creation of this blog? and who is behind this blog. And also links to our some of the best articles.

About Us

What is Mygeekshub?

Mygeekshub.com is a platform of Exceler’s, means a all those who want to learn MS Excel, GoogleSheet, and WordPress. your source for all tech related How To’s. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of how to tutorials about Excel, Advance Excel, with a focus on easy explanations with examples .

Mygeekshub.com mainly focused on :

  • This blog (Mygeekshub.com) mainly offer articles on various MS Excel Functions, GoogleSheets functions with examples, and various tricks.
  • In future we will also add various Excel Video Courses with the help of the same you will be able to understand the excel functions in very less time.

Who is Mygeekshub for ?

Are you new to MS Excel? Are you new to GoogSheet? You are trying to Analyze Data in Excel or Google Sheet but stuck-up and can’t figure out how to make a formula which work perfectly as per your needs?

Well! You are now reached at right place. 

Here you will get your each problems solution or you can also ask us for the solution. Here at Mygeekshub we are trying to make this a complete guide for a learners like you where you will got all your answers with examples. And having option of ask us regarding your problems so will provide you solution to make your formula working.

At present we are in a developing mode and having a dream of make this blog perfect for any learner in short one stop for all.

Some of our latest Articles includes:

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Who AM I ?

Hey, Abhijit Dharmadhikari here…

I started MyGeekshub as a platform to share a things which I learn from years now during my job hours and in my personal life. 

I have been working as an IT Manager for the last 15 years and have a good knowledge about MS Excel and Google Suite.

After identifying my analytical skill my senior’s have given me a chance to work on  different analytical projects.

Founder of Mygeekshub Abhijit Dharmadhikari

And by working on the same projects day by day I improved my knowledge about Excel & Advanced Excel Formulas. I am also passionate about blogging, Windows and affiliate marketing.

In my organization so many of my colleagues also ask me for my help in their excel reports and for making any advanced excel formula like VLOOKUP or any windows related issues.

And thus I got an idea of starting a blog where I can share my knowledge to others in a very simple and easy way.

In the coming days I will also share about those excel projects which I prepared for my seniors based on Google Sheets. And will also make a detailed step by step article to explain how and which formulas make these projects real.

I now serve readers all over the world, and thrilled that I am able to turn my passion into my own blog.

I hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing articles for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Abhijit D.

You can connect with me any time with various social platforms :

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